Monday, July 24, 2006

Klyuyev implicated again..

On Wednesday 12th July, the deputy head of President Yushchenko's secretariat, Ivan Vasyunyk, claimed the President is angry because "the latest decisions taken in the VR by deputies took place under duress and were influenced by bribes".

On the same day several members of the Anti-Crisis coalition, including Andriy Klyuyev, met with the president.

My Saturday posting included links to an article in the [pro-BYuT] 'Obozrevatel' publication, which contained a video clip, shot in parliament, of Klyuyev gesticulating to the 'top knobs' of PoR, possibly explaining how Moroz and the Socialists were bought off. [Or maybe explaining how he bribed a traffic cop, after receiving a parking ticket?!]

There is, however, a stack of solid evidence - the Zoryany recordings, showing that Klyuyev was one of the main financial bag-men and organizers of the attempted steal of the 2004 Presidential elections.

In a press conference today, ByuT deputy and newspaper editor, Oleh Lyashko claims that two telephone intercepts were given to him by a member of state special services last night. On one, Andriy Klyuyev is heard speaking to one of the Socialist's leaders, Mykola Rudkovskyi.

On the other Klyuyev is speaking with a 'Ruben' in Moscow. When asked if matters are OK, he is apparently heard to reply, that everything is well, because, "Moroz has been bought for $300M." He explains the figure is high, because it includes an advance for assistance in the impeachment of the President, being planned for December this year.

A brief TV clip of Lyashko, and Klyuyev's denial here. Lyaskho has submitted the tapes to the 'black hole' that is Prosecutor General's office, but has promised to put them into the public domain.

My suspicion is that there is plenty more of this stuff about. Whether the President will use it as an additional reason to dissolve Parliament is another matter.

PoR play 'for keeps.' It is they who are now setting the agenda. Taking command of the VR for them is only the first step. Rendering Yushchenko [and the parliamentary opposition] impotent will be the next...

Yushchenko is increasing looking like a doomed British PM, who was described several years ago by a colleague as being, "A lame duck... in office but not in power"

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