Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Crash dieting in VR?

PoR are continuing their parliamentary sit-in, after the failure of the latest round-table, [or should it be merry-go-round?] talks, and have threatened to stage a hunger strike starting next week.

Apparently 20 of their deputies have already volunteered and put their name on the list, but PoR polit-rada member Yevhen Kushnaryov emphasized, "If necessary, all 188 [deputies] will starve themselves."

Many of these guys are multi-millionaires who conceal their substantial girths behind well-tailored trousers. Their chauffeured limos are regularly seen outside the best restaurants and nightclubs in Donetsk and Kyiv, so I imagine most citizens on hearing this news, will have a wry chuckle to themselves.

[There could possibly be a significant business opportunity here - selling bubliki and pyrozhki at the back door of the VR building.]

Even though some talks are scheduled for tomorrow on distribution of parliamentary committee seats, the coalition and opposition have suspended indefinitely any further meetings with the president.

A clear struggle for power is taking place. PoR are not interested in behaving as a constructive opposition, and are attempting to bring down the orange house-of-cards, particularly by singling out Tymoshenko for her intransigence.

Who will win this struggle will be revealed, not when some deal is announced from behind a bunch of microphones, but when parliamentary voting takes place, and the result flashed up on the board in the VR.

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