Friday, July 21, 2006

Some good news on the economy

ICTV reports the Ukrainian economy in self confident mood, even thought there is no proper government, no parliament or Constitutional Court.

GDP grew by 5% in the last half year, and in June by 9%. Inward investment has increased - and all this despite greatly increased hydrocarbon fuel costs.

A report in the normally staid Unian website indicates that NSNU may be preparing to work with a Yanukovych government, while the solid Korespondent site quotes Anatoliy Kinakh, #2 on NSNU's list, as saying they are ready to work in a Yanukovych government too, as long as the activities of the new cabinet are directed to the consolidation of society, and not the deepening of [mutual] opposition. [And as long as they are for mums and dads and happy families, apple pies, and sunny weather, being nice to older folk, protecting the birds and bees, nice flowers and trees, and so on...

Unian adds that Yushchenko may have had a secret meeting with Akhmetov, PoR's 'main man' - Poroshenko may be first vice-PM.

And Yuliya Mostova, one of the most respected Ukrainian political commentators, suggests in a piece in today's 'Dzerkalo Tyzhnya' that Yushchenko more likely than not, will propose Yanukovych's candidature for approval by the VR next week.

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