Monday, July 17, 2006

NSNU caving in?

According to creepy PoR honcho Mykola Azarov, 'Nasha Ukraina' are withdrawing their demand that the Communists be dumped from the 'anti-crisis' coalition, as a condition for NSNU to join it.

In their negotiations with PoR, NSNU have also agreed not to tackle the thorny question of who the PM is to be be. "We have already proposed a candidate...[and] I am very pleased that our partners [NSNU] are ready to continue the dialogue understanding this fact," stated Azarov.

The Communists with their 21 deputies in the VR had said previously that if NSNU as a full block are to be in on the anti-crisis coalition deal, then they will re-assess their position in the coalition.

Somehow I don't think the President has the stomach for a major struggle - it is he who is getting blamed by most Ukrainians for the current crisis.

Update: NSNU's press spokesperson, Tetyana Mokridi announced today that Azarov was speaking through his ***hole when he claimed yesterday that NSNU were caving in.

"Nasha Ukraina is not conducting negotiations with PoR and is not withdrawing its demands," she said. [I'll bet they are really, though..]


Anonymous said...

You wouldn't like to post a translation of the poll results you quoted? Seems like the East may not be so blue as the propaganda suggested. Or maybe I just can't read Ukrainian as easily as Russian.

LEvko said...

Hi Varske - The opinion poll was at in an article in the current issue, by Yuliya Mostovaya.

Just click on the 'TABLITSA' It seems that Yushchenko is the one who in general, is getting the blame for the problems.

LEvko said...

Hi again Varske - Another interesting opinion poll [in Russian, as is the one in Zerkalo Nedeli]

The country is split almost 38.5% to 38% in positive versus negative attitude to the anti-crisis coalition.

And Yuschenko's Nasha Ukraina would only obtain 9.3% of the vote compared withy 14% in March in any fresh election. I think this poll is pretty accurate.