Monday, July 31, 2006

Bluff and double bluff..

'San Sanych' Moroz says his Socialist party is ready to take part in any early VR elections: "Our party is always ready for elections, [always] was, and remains [so].

However, he expects that the President will not dissolve parliament, but will submit Yanukovych's candidate for PM by 2nd August.

According to a report in the pro-BYuT 'Obozrevatel', Rinat Akhmetov is ready to take PoR into fresh elections too, and the President Yushchenko is aware of this.

'Oboz' claims other sources tell them that Yushchenko will not issue an ukaz to dissolve parliament, but will return Yanukovych's candidature to the VR unapproved, on account of its 'polico-legal unacceptability'. Dissolution will then take place 'of its own accord'.[Wishful thinking?] But maybe Cinderella will get her wish after all..

Ukraine deserves better that this bunch of 'same old faces'..

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