Saturday, July 22, 2006

Evidence of how 'the dirty deed' was done?

Despite constant rumor, accusations and innuendo that the Socialists and Communists were 'bought off' by PoR to join the anti-crisis coalition, there has been no serious evidence of this presented - until now.

An article in Friday's 'Obozrevatel' has something interesting.

On the night of 6th July when Moroz was 'turned', and the PoR-Communist-Socialist anti-crisis coalition brought into being, TV cameras broadcasting events from the VR picked up a curious scene played out in a corner where PoR's Rinat Akhmetov, Ukraine's richest businessman, 'hangs-out'.

Andriy Klyuyev, PoR's financial 'fixer' about whom I've previously blogged, approaches Akhmetov.

Boris Kolesnikov, Yevhen Kushnaryov, and Vladislav Lukyanov also join them. This is the small, tight circle of guys, who together with Yanukovych, run PoR.

The video footage has been examined by 'Oboz' lip-readers and body language experts. Klyuyev's gestures and gesticulations are revealing - he indicates to the others with one hand, some pen strokes, negotiations, documents being signed; and then, using both hands, the counting off of money while saying, "Yanukovych settled everything". Readers can watch the clip in slow motion themselves from a link in the 'Oboz' piece'.

A few minutes later, an 'Oboz' reporter witnessed Akhmetov in conversation with Communist leader Petro Symonenko, probably bringing him 'up to speed', telling him about his conversation with Klyuyev moments previously, and letting him know that Moroz and the Socialists had decided to join them and 'rat' on the oranges.

The 'Oboz' piece mentions Akhmetov's, and then Yanukovych's refusal to categorically deny the payment of bribes to the Socialists, about which I have also blogged previously.

The guys who may be running Ukraine Inc. soon. [Photo from the 'Oboz' article]

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MattyJ said...

And I now see they're attempting to blackmail Yushchenko? Apparently if he doesnt nominate Yanukovych they'll impeach him. Scum. Makes me think he should dissolve parliament and expose what thieving scum they are.