Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A brave speech in VR

This report from today's RFE/RL of Yuliya Tymoshenko's brief address in the VR, [which can be seen here] gives no impression of the emotionally charged 'dressing down' she gave the Socialists and Communists for selling out to the clans and business elites.

"..corruption of the magnitude that even this sell-out parliament has never seen before...that which is constructed by big money and great betrayal will never bring joy and wealth to our country...our independence gained in 1991 is also being betrayed.."

Photo from 'Ukr Pravda' showing Yuliya Tymoshenko addressing the VR today, encircled by PoR 'heavies', including Yanukovych Jr., out of their seats 'protecting' the 'tribuna'.


Anonymous said...

I think you need speeches like that to keep the selling out prices higher. It lowers the return on the money spent capturing the gov't so they won't hold onto it too tightly...


Anonymous said...

Which one is Yanu Jr.? Thanks.