Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Empty chairs at the round table

Yanukovych didn't show up today to the round table show-down with the President and the 'oranges' - PoR then added further demands to their 'ultimatum'. Maybe an indication of division in their ranks?

However PoR have agreed to conduct a dialogue tomorrow, in the framework of the parliamentary co-ordination council. President Yushchenko has promised to attend.

Mykola Tomenko [one of BYuT's 'three T's'] thinks that PoR are stalling because they are trying to 'recruit or buy-off' 226 deputies' votes, in order to get Yanukovych elected parliamentary speaker. Bribing deputies though, is no guarantee of success, particularly as PoR are also demanding a secret vote. [How can you be sure the recipient has carried out his or her part of the bargain? You can't trust anyone, these days.] And for all of the talk, there never seems to be any hard evidence of underhand dealing.

Some analysts have dragged Russia into all of this, suggesting, "PoR changed its position overnight, and also presented a new ultimatum with 12 points - this is evidence that 'Regiony' have not got rid of external influences. They are now the executors of a destabilization scenario in Ukraine, which primarily, suits Russia."

Russian embassador in Ukraine, Viktor Chernomyrdin called this 'silly'.

Will everyone turn up round the table tomorrow? Many are all 'old friends, after all.

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