Monday, March 12, 2007

FIGs against elections

According to a recent O.P. , in February 62% of Ukrainians are against conducting early early elections. Only 21% support the idea. In March corresponding figures are 57 and 24%.

Political scientist Andriy Yermolayev says the calls for early elections by BYuT and NU are merely part of the fight by political elites for the national resource.

"In this current year Ukraine will enter the WTO. This year and next year large privatizations of major enterprises, and the creation of a market for land will take place [in Ukraine]. Powerful financial industrial assets are preparing for their inclusion into global corporations. And fights are being conducted around these active assets."

The last thing Financial Industrial Groups want to see right now is political upheaval, and the FIGs have clout. Neverthess, 15% of Donetsk oblast would like to see Yuliya T as president of Ukraine. ByuT are making some progress there.


Anonymous said...

So I'm guessing these polls are skewed, but the changes over time can be trusted somewhat?

Or do they fit with the general views of Ukrainians from your pov?


Anonymous said...

I wish I had his certain belief that Ukraine will enter into WTO this year. Could the PM possibly be moving more slowly on this? It could have happened late last year or early this year, but no, delay, delay, delay.

But I do agree with him regarding the sale of Ukraine's businesses, industries, etc.

Which is why elections in Sept. would be upsetting.
But if BYuT continues the pressure and PoR continues to escalate combativeness, the apple cart will eventually tip off. And elections would be the mildest solution.