Thursday, March 29, 2007

Will Yush 'pull the plug' on VR?

Read today's statement by President Yushchenko 'on the anniversary of last year's VR election' in English here and decide..

Maybe as a counter-bluff, Raisa Bohatyryova, co-ordinator of the parliamentary coalition and leader of the PoR fraction declares that early VR elections would lead to early Presidential elections [which Yush would lose].

But there is a big diffence between this and threatening to use a consitutional majority in the VR to over-ride any such decision by the President.


DLW said...

Well, I'm praying that he goes thru with it even if it means sacrificing his job as prez...

I'm also praying for high turnouts and peace in the mass rally and getting others to join me in prayer...


Anonymous said...

For the Pres. to lose would be a MAJOR TRAGEDY for Ukraine because so far he has stood in the way of the PoR juggernaut. Opposition has not shown to be effective in halting the juggernaut whereas Pres. has by virtue of veto. (Until Yulia throws her hat into the ring with PoR.)

Yushchenko would be replaced by a PoR approved person in early term elections or the Constitutional change will take place and no more will there be direct election of Pres.

UkraineToday said...

It is false and misleading to portray the current crisis facing Ukraine as a pro-west and pro-Russian struggle. It is not. Far from it

The crisis facing Ukraine today is not a west versus Russia stereotype but a battle for power between the President and democraticly elected parliament

Those that continue to portray it as a pro-west/pro Russian do so in order to try and influence world media by pandering to false stereo-types.

There is no legal justification for the dismissal of the Parliament. The President, who is aligned with the opposition forces, continues to act not in Ukraine's best interest. The March 2006 parliamentary elections were considered to be the most open and democratic elections in Ukraine's history since declaring independence.

The Opposition have been calling for fresh parliamentary elections following their failure to negotiate support and agreement to form a governing coalition. The opposition are acting more out of spite then being a responsible government.

The crisis manufactured by the President, who faces a loss of confidence and authority should support for the government continue to increase as predicted, is being falsely portrayed in the western media as a battle of between pro west and pro Russian forces. This stereotype is far from the truth and reality. Both the Government and the opposition are pro-European integration. The main difference is a pro-Russian and anti-Russian. It is not a battle of between the west and Russia.

Nor is it a continuation of the struggle for free and honest government as we saw in the 2004 "Orange Revolution".

It is a struggle of power between the office of the President and the democratically elected Parliament. Ukraine has made a transition from a Presidential 'rule by decree' dictatorship to a Parliamentary ' rule of law' democracy in line with all other European states. The President who continues to hold significant power has been constantly undermining the development and transition of Ukraine's parliamentary system of democracy.

A number of issues are before Ukraine's Constitutional Court awaiting adjudication. One such issue is the right of the President, and under what circumstances, the President can dismiss the democratically elected parliament.

The government has and continues to maintain the support of a majority of the Parliament. At the heart of the Presidents concerns is the division within the opposition forces that do not agree with the tactics of the opposition. Concerned members of the opposition are likely to cross the floor and support the need to maintain a stable government. If this happens and the Government support increases to 2/3rds of the Parliament then the President may no longer retain power and authority to veto government legislation.

The President's popularity has plummeted ever since he was elected where the president is no longer trusted by the Ukrainian People


If Viktor Yushchenko follows through with his threats and dismisses Ukraine's democratically elected Government the country will face an even more serious crisis. one manufactured by the Office of the President himself. A crisis that could very well see Ukraine take a major step backwards in democracy. Viktor Yushchenko who was seen as being the defender and father of democracy will soon go be recorded in history as becoming Ukraine's versions of Oliver Cromwell. Lord and protector .. come dictator.