Thursday, March 22, 2007

Yuriy Boyko in London

Fuel and Energy Ministry of Ukraine Yuriy Boyko participated in the 'Ukrainian Energy Summit' in London last week. [Check out the photos in this link]

This from the reputable 'Independent Gas Consumer Alliance' site:

"A report originally published on a European website was distributed at the Ukrainian Energy summit. That report claims that RosUkrEnergo has connections with the Fuel and Energy Minister of Ukraine Yuriy Boyko and Naftogaz First Deputy Chairman of the Board Igor Voronin as well as Semen Mogilevich, an alleged crime figure named in a FBI most-wanted list in connection with allegations of money-laundering, securities fraud and racketeering.

Gazprom started to cooperate with Mogivelich and one of his companies - Hungarian off-shore Eural Trans Gas (the predecessor of RosUkrEnergo) in 2003. Eural Trans Gas had some agreements on gas transmission to Ukrainian pipeline and underground storages. From the storages the gas was transmitted to Europe. In 2003 the turnover of Eural Trans Gaz reached the point of $2 billion, and the profit from the transporting and reselling of the 35.4 bcm was $220 billion.

and this:

US investigation can halt RosUkrEnergo listing in London

The US Department of Justice has completed the investigation aimed to establish the true ownership of the Swiss-registered intermediary company RosUkrEnergo which imports natural gas into Ukraine.

The official findings of the inquiry are not released yet. But sources close to investigation have made clear that behind RosUkrEnergo there were certain interests of Semen Mogilevich, an FBI wanted alleged crime lord reportedly accused of fraud, corruption and racketeering.

The sources also hinted about the interests of high-profile Ukrainian politicians and officials, including Fuel and Energy Minister Yuri Boiko, in RosUkrEnergo. In London at the energetic summit the meeting of the Ukraine minister was crumpled by the questions of the journalists, concerning his connection with criminal circles and a possibility of breaking the contracts with RosUkrEnergo in connection with the new facts.

What is such a man doing running this vital Ukrainian ministry?


Anonymous said...

The only criticism that I heard of the event in London was the "unprfessionalism" of those who went from UA govt to London - in that they are not fluent in english. No comment regarding their crooked connections.

Anonymous said...

Quick reaction on the part of the gov't - who read ur blog and blew a gasket?

22.03.2007 15:44]
Statements about Boyko’s possible ties with RosUkrEnergo are not true

Statements that as if Fuel-Energy Minister Yuri Boyko is connected with RosUkrEnergo company (Switzerland) are not true.

Ministry’s mass media communication sector chief Mykhaylo Hryshchenko disclosed this to UNIAN today.

“This was a provocation aimed at undermining the investment climate in Ukraine. These statements have nothing in common with reality”, he said.

As it is known, on 21 March some mass media spread information, posted at the web site of the Independent Gas Consumer Alliance, IGCA, that as if high Ukrainian officials, including Fuel-Energy Minister Yuri Boyko, have their interests in RosUkrEnergo.

ctnstant URL of article: