Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Neck and neck in the O.P.s

O.P. published in today's 'Donbass' newspaper, which questioned 2700 respondents, has Party of Regions - 27,8%, BYuT - 21,7%, "NUNS" - 11,4%, Communists 5.8%, and Socialists 1.7%.

The rating of Volodymyr Lytvyn's bloc at 3.1%, and Vitrenko's radical Progressive Socialists at 2.9% is intriguing. These two small parties, if they were to overcome the 3% threshold, could play a substantial role in any future VR coalition building plans of PoR and the oranges.

Lytvyn's Narodna Partiya Ukrainy could possibly agree to join an orange coalition, but the 'Vitrenkivtsi' would maybe be too much of a 'loose cannon' and a more troublesome coalition partner for PoR than the Socialists.

The propensity for Ukrainian VR deputies to hop from one political bed to another means that the next VR will probably be unstable too, unless a grand coalition is formed..

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