Friday, August 10, 2007

Rudkovskyi under attack

"The Our Ukraine - People's Self-Defense [NUNS] bloc has accused Transport and Communications Minister Mykola Rudkovskyi of laundering money through offshore companies.

'Ukrainian News' has learned this from the press service of the People's Self-Defense movement.

Hennadii Moskal, a bloc member and former representative of the President in Crimea, said the Munich police, Germany, contacted the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine to request it to check the offshore companies facing charges of laundering EUR 8.8 million and USD 8 million in Germany." For more on this check out the source article from 'Ukrainian News'.

Rudkovskyi, a man known to appreciate the better things in life, naturally repudiates all of Henadii Moskal's assertions, and is threatening to to sue him for slander.

There has been a shadow of corruption hanging over this man, for quite a while - this will not be the first time that he has threatened court action against those who accuse him of corruption.

Rudkovskyi is currently #15 on the Socialist Party's list of candidates for the 2007 early parliamentary elections, so his political future, in any case, could be described as 'uncertain'.

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