Friday, August 31, 2007

PoR getting its repudiation in first..

Below are portions of a statement just released on PoR's official site:

"Statement on preparations to use provocations against Party of Regions in the Ukrainian media

Today, as the election campaign turns into the finishing straight, the political opponents' camp is in a state of panic. With each day it is becoming more obvious, both for Ukraine and for the world community, that PoR will will win the elections and will gain the right to form the next government.

In order to stem the leakage of their electorate, the so-called opposition has been reduced to resorting to absolutely undemocratic, amoral, and often unlawful methods of political fighting, namely - informational manipulations, lying and provocations!

The Party of Regions declares: we are aware of provocations being prepared which will take the form of fasified information, and fabricated video and audio material, whose purpose will be to discredit the Party of Regions and its leaders!

These wretched failures are again acting according to the principle: "Not a day without provocations!"

PoR appeals not only to its supporters, but to all citizens of the world community: take no notice of the provocations and tricks of bankrupted politicians! They will cynically try and trick you again..

We believe that Ukrainians are a wise people which had long ago been learned to separate grains from weeds.

We not permit this bunch of irresponsible blackmailers, slanderers and babblers to return back to authority again in the country! We will not allow the country to slide backwards in its development!
And so on...

LEvko says: Dear oh dear... Did Paul Manafort's outfit write this Stalinist agitprop?
Must be some juicy tidbits in the pipeline..what can they be? Video's from Yanuk's R & R in Altai? Ho ho..just wait till the missus finds out.

Oh, and one very recent OP has PoR at 27.2%, BYuT at 26.8% and NUNS at 10.9%. This may well be a rogue result; but worrying for PoR nevertheless - connected with their panicky statement above?


Anonymous said...

Major deja vu! What? are they relying on the Tshuchkop defense? He too warned publicly of potential scandal coming out and don't believe it, blah, blah, blah but nothing got published. I wonder if the same will happen again, this time to PoR.

elmer said...

Rather odd election technique - advertise what's coming from the other side.

I know they think this is an attempt to defuse what's coming, but it seems to me that it just increases curiosity.

Don't discredit the Party of Regions? What a hoot - they've done that themselves!!!

Don't let politicians and rogues trick you? The Party of Regions must be talking about itself!