Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tymo on 'the box'

Two quite lengthy TV interviews with Yuliya Tymoshenko, recorded on 15th and 17th August, can be downloaded from her website

She is in uncompromising mood in both - well worth watching if you understand Ukrainian.

Next week Yush and Yanuk are to meet and discuss the matter of abolishing criminal immunity for elected officials. If they are so keen on this now, why didn't they support BYuT's effort to pass laws on this in the past?

Last week, on 15th August, Yanuk suggested an extraordinary session of the VR to remove this immunity from all elected officials, including the president, head of government, VR deputies, and judges.

Tymoshenko says that any decision made by a VR which was dismissed weeks ago would be meaningless, and would be subject to legal challenge at a later date - in other words, a cheap trick.

BYuT have made a good start in their campaign, PoR scored an 'own-goal' by their guys in the CEC refusing to accept the BYuT election list. They were forced to rescind their decision after a court ruling.

But BYuT have to show they are not just a one-man band [are they?] They have some able performers on their list who need to be given air-time too.

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