Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Arbuzov not yet ready to answer questions - and Herman's son in trouble..again

After a few week's delay, the newly-appointed head of the National Bank of Ukraine, Serhiy Arbuzov [see photo] had agreed to hold a press briefing next Monday.

Indignant journalists were told that they could only ask one question each - to be emailed in advance, for vetting.

The journalists' union have called this "unacceptable, and a dangerous precedent.. a shameful totalitarian practice, which has nothing in common with freedom of which other organs of the state could descend."

Now, next Monday's press briefing has now been postponed indefinitely. Strange...he should have counted all of the money by for for for for me..

This is not the first time block-head Arbuzov has 'chickened out'.

One of these days he will have to face the 'grown-ups', piggy bank under his arm, without anyone holding his hand..

But for now, as my dad used to say, in Polish - "Ni z glovy movy, ni z dupy perdu"...not a word from the mouth..not a fart from the arse..or something like that..

p.s. There are reports that deputy head of the president's administration, Hanna Herman's son Mykola was involved in a car smash in which three persons were killed. [See Thursday update below..] Television channels have allegedly been banned from reporting the incident. I have recently blogged about young Mykola, who was only slightly injured in this latest "accident". He had recently been, for a time, deputy minister of Emergency Situations, promoted in a giant leap from "being his mum's driver".

Mykola's younger brother, Roman, was killed in a car smash last June. Reportedly. he was drunk and travelling at 220 km per hour when the incident occurred.

Such events take place with such predictable regularity that hardly anyone raises an eyebrow any more. Last October the 25 year-old son of a Dnipropetrovsk prosecutor killed three women aged betwen 43 and 62 on a pedestrian crossing, in a 'hit and run' "accident" whilst driving his Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. According to police reports, the victims' bodies lay 100 metres from one another. There was a concerted attempt to 'hush up' the incident but local anger was so great that eventually the driver of the vehicle was arrested.

Now this from an article in yesterday's "Gazeta po Kievski", entitled: "Son of prosecutor who killed three women pays off families"

"To put it delicately...they, (the relatives of those killed in the accident) have solved many of their financial problems, and now the degree of their rightful anger and indignation has been reduced. Therefore, they are no longer strongly interested in the speedly direction of a criminal case into court. I'll say nothing else - you understand me, yes?, said Mr. Pavlov, a prosecutor examining the case. The lawyer representing victims' families insisted, "We should not distress them yet again."

Looks like justice has been "well served", as usual...

There's a deadly, cold chill hanging over these people...

Today, Thursday, a Porsche Cayenne belonging to the son of VR deputy Oleksandr Feldman was involved in a head-on crash in which 5 people were killed. The Porsche was allegedly travelling at 200 km.p.h.

And an Update on the death of the 3 women pedestrians mentioned above, and how pay-offs to victims eliminate the need for messy police investigations and senseless court cases....Much better to pay a few dollars, sweep it under the carpet...won't bring back the dead anyway...right? Forgive and for saw anything anyway...there was no film in the CCTV....

Thursday Update - For curious reasons, the web page from the link above, to the story about Hanna Herman's son, Mykola's, involvement in a car crash, has been changed. The fresh web page mentions no names, but still claims TV channels have been prevented from reporting details of this story..

the funny thing is though, the link is still entitled

"...television channel have been banned from speaking about 'big-shot' mikola german who killed three persons.html..

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