Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Who breaks a butterfly on a wheel?

Former Minister of the Internal Affairs and 'Narodna Samooborona' opposition party leader in court today. His appeal to be released on bail was denied..

Is he accused of mass murder... of terrorism? Of being a crime empire capo? International criminal mastermind..?

No...he allegedly overpaid his driver $5,000....
He may as well be charged for being a hit man for the TellyTubbies...

More photos of the crass 'overkill' here
What are the authorities afraid of - their own shadows?

c.f. this video of "Rostov Ripper" Andriy Chykatylo's appearances in court in the early '90's - the cage in which he is detained is barely guarded despite the presence of many family members of his victims...

He was sentenced to death for brutally murdering 53 women and children.

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