Saturday, January 15, 2011

PoR 'get knickers in a twist' over Danylyshyn

The granting of political asylum by the Czech Republic to Yulia Tymoshenko's former Economic Minister Bohdan Danylyshyn yesterday has been a blow to the image of the country's current administration, and will hinder progress along the road to European integration.

It has also caused quite a stir amongst Party of Regions.

The Press Service of the Party of Regions has posted a statement on their website in mangled English and loaded with old-style Soviet Khruschevite rhetoric, entitled:

"Authorities lead large-scale fight against corruption. Opposition is against.

Here's a small portion [don't laugh..]

"Fighting corruption is without regard to party affiliation of the corruptionist, thief or bribetaker. Among the citizens, who are prodecuted [?], there are many persons, who yesterday represented the government, and now call themselves the opposition. Other fugitive officials who have never engaged in political activity, try to present themselves as political refugees, which is puzzling. In this regard, spread rumors that the country is supposed to start political persecution of the opposition.

Party of Regions is firmly convinced that all attempts of former or current officials to prevent systemic fight against corruption will fail. Solidarity of ex-officials, who get used to live by the principles "one hand washes another" or "crows do not pick crow's eyes", can not prevent restoring order and restoration of legality in the country. We will make officials to take care of the taxpayers' money. Each embezzled government representative will be responsible by the fullest extent of the Law. Thieves and embezzlers will not be saved by any status, mandates, membership cards, high office or favor of some foreign countries.

Corrupt officials who are now in the ranks of the so-called opposition will not evade responsibility, covering themselves with a loud status [?] of political repression."

[My italics..LEvko]

Also, one of their most prominent deputies, Vadym Kolesnichenko, warned, while suffering a bad attack of mixed metaphors at a press briefing: "If..Mr Danylyshyn is given political asylum, it means that the corrupt chain of actions of the Tymoshenko government has spread its arms even into Europe..."

In 2013 Ukraine is supposed to chair the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe - its primary aim is: "to create a common democratic and legal area throughout the whole of the continent, ensuring respect for its fundamental values: human rights, democracy and the rule of law."

Seriously though, eminent political commentor Vitaliy Portnikov warns Yanukovych could find himself in the same bind as Belarus president Aleksander Lukashenko. Recently Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov declared that the position of his own country with respect to recent presidential elections in Belarus was concurrent with the position of the Council of Europe [who roundly condemned Lukashenko].

"If [by getting into the European's 'bad books.. Levko] Yanukovych is denied the possibility of a European maneouvre in the same manner as his Belarus colleague, he will be forced to accept any Russian 'generosity' solely on the Kremlin's own terms."

In other words, if the Ruskies get nasty, there will be nowhere to run...

p.s. If PoR want to be taken seriously, they should hire a decent proof reader - surely they can do better than just rely on GoogleTranslate...and have a word with Davis Manafort Inc., their US public relations consultants, who took so much of their wonga..

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