Monday, January 10, 2011

Herman puts her foot in it again..

So deputy head of the president's administration, Hanna Herman, says:

"..irrespective whether someone is trying to hinder Viktor Yanukovych - whether someone wants the world to look upon Ukraine as is does upon Belarus, we have a duty to work for Ukraine."

Clearly, she is upset that Ukraine is being tarred by the same brush as its northern neighbour.

No surprise, therefore, that her boss Yanukovych, who was one of the very few world leaders to warmly congratulate his Belarus counterpart, 'comb-over Alex', Lukashenko, on his 'victory' in recent presidential elections, did so surreptitiously, without informing the Ukrainian nation. It seems Yanukovych may be an admirer of Lukashenko's after all...

Most West European countries consider Lukashenko's 'victory' to be highly suspect - they condemn the post-election beatings and maltreatment of Belarus' opposition leaders.

p.s. the Italian 'Il Legno Sorto' consider Tymoshenko has been 'stitched up' by the current Ukrainian authorities, and that the Japanese are satisfied that the Kyoto protocol money is all properly accounted for...but unfortunately the links they provide all lead to Yulia T's own website...still, nice photo...

p.p.s. European Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule is in Ukraine "To Study Situation Involving Arrests Of Former Government Officials"

BYuT want him to ban PM Azarov and his cabinet ministers from entering EU countries, except on official visits, so that they are: "immediately disconnected from their Swiss bank accounts, or from [their joint-venture..LEvko] businesses situated in Austria and other countries. For them this would simply be the end." ....Nasty..


elmer said...

If you want to see the true attitude of Ganna Goebbels German's Party of Regions to Ukraine, just look at the pictures and video of Party of Regions thug Zhuravko attacking journalist Mustafa Nayem in the open, in Parliament, when he suspected that the journalist had put his camera into video mode:

That is the view directly from Mustafa Nayem's camera. The little thug was telling Nayem that he did not "grant permission" to be filmed.

But he's in a PUBLIC place, as Nayem tells him, and his is a PUBLIC figure, since he's a member of Parliament.

Channel 5 also filmed the incident from a different angle, at about 2:37 (2 minutes 37 seconds into the video):

Ganna Goebbels German continues to propagandize that all is well in Ukrainian government.

LEvko said...

Thanks for the link - that Zhuravko reminds me of Nick Nack from the James Bond films..

He is, according to some websites, quite a nasty piece of work..

U.P. claim Zhuravko's automobile is fitted with highly illegal flashing lights and radar supressors..

elmer said...

Yep, I saw that about the lights in UP.

Red AND green.

They showed pictures.

You guys are doing a great job.