Monday, January 31, 2011

Yanukovych already decided who is guilty

From an interview with president Yanukovych in Davos:

Washington Post - But the U.S. government said that, with few exceptions, the only senior officials being targeted [with corruption charges..LEvko] have connections with the previous government. Do you plan to put Yulia Tymoshenko on trial?

Yanukovych - It is a controversial issue. With regards to the opinion of the U.S. government, it is an issue to be discussed. We believe that position is not really based on facts. I am sure that if everybody just tried to use the facts and the information that has already been provided by the prosecutor general's office - the information shows that we are in the midst of a major fight against corruption. Those people that you have referred to have really violated Ukrainian laws. As an example, the member of my party, Mr. [Anatoliy] Hrytsenko, he made those illegal actions back in 2007. So this is also a past deed. Only in 2010, quite a large number of people have been brought to criminal responsibility for acts of corruption. Many of them are either members of my own party or are members of other parties that are members of the governing coalition. This very fact proves that it is not a one-way road in terms of criminal persecution.

No trials of any major opposition figures, or others who are currently being detained or investigated, have yet taken place.

Yanukovych's performances in Davos last week did not impress the WSJ either..

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