Saturday, June 10, 2006

Coalition negotiations frozen by Moroz ..

So its out in the open - Yuriy Yekhanurov, NSNU's main negotiator, admitted today that the formation of the democratic coalition has stalled because the Socialists, the third largest participant in the coalition, insist their leader, Oleksandr Moroz be allocated the VR speaker's job.

As the second-largest participant in the democratic coalition, NSNU's first pick was for the VR speaker position too.

The largest participant, BYuT naturally bagsied* the PM's job.

They are all meeting tomorrow at noon to decide what to do. "The Socialists have driven the negotiations into dead end,"complained Yekhanurov.

*Bags. verb, often used by English children. To claim as one's own due to being the first to make such a claim. E.g."Bags I go first," or "We bagsy Crimea."{Informal}

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