Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Moroz comments on Coalition crisis

BBC Ukrainian service interviewed Oleksandr Moroz today after NSNU's decision to abandon further discussions on creation of an Orange parliamentary coalition, blaming the Socialists for the impasse.


"Notice that for a month the entire battle hinged on NSNU's inability to agree to Yuliya Tymoshenko's candidature for the position of PM. Now they say that a coalition cannot be worked out because of the Socialists. In truth, it's not about me or the Socialists. It's because they [NSNU] cannot agree amongst themselves."

"Everything will be realized for the benefit of persons from business structures who call themselves supporters of NSNU, and who have for long been conducting negotiations with PR with the aim of creating a coalition without us [Socialists], without BYuT, and so on.

Then he throws down a challenge: "Go ahead create it, [ a PR-NSNU coalition] don't make a secret of it..

When asked how will he act if the democratic coalition talks end in failure, [in this case is the expression 'democratic alliance' an oxymoron?] he replies, "We will go into opposition."

When asked how he rated the chances of an orange coalition being created, compared with a coalition formed by PR and only part of the orange forces, he replies, "I think 50 - 50".

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