Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Less than three years ago...

"On 31st October 2003 the Our Ukraine bloc led by Viktor Yushchenko failed to hold a congress of democratic forces in Donetsk as planned. After arriving in Donetsk that day, Yushchenko and his supporters were confronted by hostile crowds at the airport and in downtown Donetsk in what looked like a highly coordinated effort to prevent the Our Ukraine gathering and to fan anti-Yushchenko sentiment in the city.

The entire city was adorned with billboards showing Yushchenko in a Nazi uniform extending his hand in a Nazi salute and calling for the "purity of the nation." Some 1,500 mainly young and drunk people filled the planned venue and effectively prevented Our Ukraine from holding the congress. Neither the police nor officers of the Security Service did anything to stop them.

According to many Ukrainian publications, including the "Ukrayinska pravda" website and the "Grani" weekly, the plan of "countermeasures" against Yushchenko in Donetsk was coordinated by Donetsk Oblast Council head Borys Kolesnykov, Donetsk Oblast Governor Anatoliy Bliznyuk, and Donetsk Oblast Deputy Governor Vasyl Dzharta. The entire "anti-Yushchenko operation" was also allegedly supported by Rinat Akhmetov, Ukraine's richest oligarch, whom many call the "real boss" of Donetsk and the backbone of the Donetsk clan."

Yushchenko and his supporters were 'run out of town' - just like in the wild-west.

A detailed report of what happened which includes the quotes above, is here.

Today Kolesnykov is at #10 on PRU's list of parliamentary deputies, and is also one of PRU's chief negotiators in current NSNU-PRU coalition talks.
Dzharty is #22 on PRU's list of parliamentary deputies.
Akhmetov is at 'lucky' #7 on PRU's list of parliamentary deputies.

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