Thursday, December 07, 2006


sI am the one who moderates the comments. I do this because of all the spam that can end up on the site. But I have been a bit lax recently in doing this. I'll have something more to say about this later but I have moved my family out to a village outside of Kiev and we are building a house. It has been a real experience. (What we have been through could be the subject for a book and a separate blog.) And we hope to have it done in the next couple of weeks.

But that and the other work I have to do has left me very busy and that has resulted in the lag time for getting your comments posted. Sorry about that. I'll try to do better on it.

The comments as always add a lot so I hope you keep them coming.

By the way, this blog has ruthlessly suppressed spam and personal attacks, nothing else.


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R. Smith said...

Good to see you!

I was wondering where you'd gotten to. I remember when E. Radmall and I were helping the Shaveko family rebuild their house out in Chernigov. Crazy stuff, and my only construction experience to date. It reminds me of a comment my sister said came up in her American Heritage class-- a foreigner in the class was sharing his views on America, and said "I was surprised to come to the land of the free and find out you can't build your house any way you want to". Contrast with Radmall's comment: "I built half of that wall. The foundation is about three inches of mud."