Thursday, December 28, 2006

Socialists flaming P-G's office

The Socialist fraction in the VR consider the leadership of Ukraine's Prosecutor General's office to be totally incompetent, and their rulings are being made 'to order'. They say they will initiate an immediate investigation in the VR into 'who is responsible for the complete collapse of the work of the Prosecutor's office'.

In particular, the Socialists accuse the P-G's office of attempting to bury the investigation into the death of journalist Georgi Gongadze.

"The Prosecutor-General [Aleksandr Medvedko] and the head of the investigative administration Renat Kuzmin..are personally 'whitewashing' all of those persons involved to the crime," they say.

Recently Kuzmin declared: “According to one of the versions [being investigated], Gongadze’s murder was planned to discredit then-President Kuchma and his eventual successor, Interior Minister Kravchenko. The aim was to demoralize the President and force him to resign, at the same time disallowing a successor loyal to Kuchma to seize power.”

In recent weeks the P-G's office has been taken over by what could euphemistically be called 'incompetent' Donetsk 'old-boys'.

Yanuk and the Socialists' anti-crisis coalition partners PoR won't be too happy about the Socialists 'rocking the boat'.

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Anonymous said...

I think Moroz and the socialist will continue to play major role in proving stable government in Ukraine whilst maintaining a watchful brief. Moroz has already shown that he intends to ensure that Ukraine remains on track.

Whilst the knives are out and the spiteful comments are boundless the fact remains that had our Ukraine shown a willingness to negotiate and work with their coalition partners they would have been able to form a working coalition government. Moroz is the one to watch in 2007 as he holds the future of Ukraine's democratic development and to date he has been responsible and fair. Moroz could very well shape up to be the main contender for the 2009 presidential elections if he can secure the support of Party of Regions and others. If he continues along the path he had chosen and the powers that be do their sums Moroz would have a real chance of bringing even more stability to Ukraine.

The greatest threat to Ukraine's future democratic development is the proposed challenge to the 2004 constitutional reforms. If this challenge is successful then we could very much see Ukraine begin to unravel and the political divide becomes more intense. It would be better if Yulia and others sort to amend the current constitution as opposed to opening up an can of worms creating yet again another major constitutional crisis. A crisis that Ukraine can not afford. It is one thing t5o seek fresh elections on the false hope that ones fortunes will change but another to weaken the very foundations of a stable democracy. Yulia should be concentrating on other issues and winning broader support across all of Ukraine as opposed to creating unbridled conflict.