Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Time to knock heads together*

Yuliya T considers that Ukraine is currently undergoing a full-blown political crisis. Evidence of this is the inability of its leaders to agree a state budget for 2007, and the risk that an accord on it will not be reached. She says that there is "complete chaos" within the power structures, and that the Ministry of Internal Affairs is at war with the Presidential Secretariat - Ministerial deputies cannot be appointed by normal legitimate means.

The SBU [security service] does not have "a legitimate head, and it is not known when one will appear".

The Ministry of Defence "is constantly in a fevered state" because the position of its Minister is uncertain.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs [who is currently on duty with the President in South Korea] is barred from attending cabinet meetings, and there are plans to lead him out by the hand from the Foreign Ministry premises.

The President says there is enough evidence to 'snap the 'cuffs' on the 'perps' who poisoned him - while the Prosecutor General says the case is unsolved, and the poisoners are not known.

"The country has never lived in such a state of chaos and destabilization," she said. She has a point.

ByuT will initiate a closed meeting of the VR fraction leaders. "Today at the VR conciliation council Oleksandr Moroz agreed that it is essential to conduct such a meeting."

Maybe time for the oligarchic sponsors of the Ukrainian political parties to knock some heads together*..

*to tell people who are arguing that they must stop, and behave more sensibly


Anonymous said...

"The country has never lived in such a state of chaos and destabilization," she said."

Au contraire, mon ami! Absolute BS taking advantage of the political fight bet. the Pres. and the PM. An opportunist is what Yulia is. And probably p.o.'ed royally that the Pres. is taking "her" position and distributing largesse and populist politics. (though 26 hv is not exactly enough to build a castle on but you get my drift.) The Pres. veto has a lot of pensioners supporting him which must be steaming for Yulia as that is her fan base. I wish, I truly truly wish, that I could support Yulia but at every turn she shows herself to to be an opportunist and spending time wooing Moroz (retch!)! If she stepped up to the plate and supported the Pres. at this juncture rather than villifying him (doesn't she get it "enemy of mine enemy is my friend"?), I would support her because it show that she has the country's best interests at heart, rather than jockeying for position in the 'opposition stakes'. But at every turn, from that nonsense of a braid right down to her stiletto heels is naked, raw ambition for power and money.

LEvko said...

Thanks for your interesting comments. I agree with some of the points you raise. In simple terms, the majority of Ukrainian politicians including Yu, Ya, and Yulka all sold their soul to the devil years ago when they collaborated with Kuchma - they all have dirt on them. It is now left to 'viewing public' to decide if any are redeeming themselves, and by how much.

Yuliya T has been 'shafted' many times by Yushchenko. First time during Yush's stint as PM, when she did the 'heavy-lifting' and closed a lot of the most serious corrupt schemes - and was locked up in jail for her efforts. Second time was during the OR when she withdrew from the Presidential race to support Yush's campaign. The thanks she got was Yush unforgivably keeping her waiting until the very last day [typical behaviour] before announcing she would be PM, despite having given a private written undertaking to do so. And last spring, when BYuT were clearly the largest opposition party, NSNU as the junior partner, should have made it clear that they would acceed to her wish to become PM again in an orange coalition.

With the ever- increasing corruption, eg as in the Kyiv city council, and the ever-quickening return of discredited politicians like Kivalov, Shufrich, Plekhanov, Pshonka etc. the country needs Tymoshenko to challenge them [NSNU are a bunch of navel-gazers], but BYuT, as is the case with all of the other parties, will look after the interests of their financial sponsors.

All of the big players in Uky politics have a raw ambition for power and money - I wouldn't be surprised if she 'jumps back into bed' again with the likes of Poroshenko, or Moroz again if necessary.

Remember Yuliya T is the only orange leader who has significant support in the Eastern regions. She knows how to 'work a crowd' - even in the East of the country.
As for the president, IMO his popularity will ever reach the heights of the winter of 2004 again.

Oh, and my own view is that early VR elections, which she is pushing for, would be a big gamble and not a good idea at the moment. The ruling coalition are maybe not as solid as they appear anyhow. Fascinating how it all will develop..