Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Return of Frankenstein?

VR deputies from PoR consider that the authority of the members of the Central Election Commission was withdrawn illegally on 8th December 2004, when the Orange Revolution was at its height. Several days ago, on December 15th they registered a bill to revoke the decision to appoint new people to the CEC in December 2004. If the bill is approved it will enable the pre-OR guys in the CEC, including its chairman Serhiy Kivalov [now a PoR VR deputy,] and the other cheats to return.

[Kivalov (see photo) - has he played a villain in a James Bond film?]

Today BYuT failed to get their bill on the rights of the VR opposition passed, principally because only 23 'Nasha Ukraina' deputies out of 81 present supported it.

NU's excuse was that the bill did not include mechanisms for safeguarding the rights of other parties, apart from the biggest party in any opposition group. The Socialists voted toghether with the BYuT opposition against their coalition partners, the PoR, so this was a chance, after the 'kicking' Yush has had lately, to 'put one over' Yanuk. They 'blew it'. Their attitude reminds me of a saying used by a distant Polish relative of mine [a terrific guy] - 'marzeniye scietej glowy' - 'the dreams of a chopped off head'..

One PoR deputy also voted to support the motion [maybe he pressed the wrong button.]

Top BYuT man Oleksandr Turchynov called NU's actions 'a betrayal'. How right he was.

As I wrote in July, "PoR play 'for keeps.' It is they who are now setting the agenda. Taking command of the VR for them is only the first step. Rendering Yushchenko [and the parliamentary opposition] impotent will be the next..."

They are well on track..


Anonymous said...

NU people can be so stupid. Completely totally out there. And it is their fear of Yulia and BYuT kicking their butts in any upcoming election that becomes a driving force in guiding their actions rather than stemming the PoR tide. stupid stupid stupid politicians.

Which unfortunately is why good legislation is not getting approved in VR. Only the PoR, Socialists and Comm. voting block remains solid (with minor exceptions.) Too much distrust and party line entrenchment for any legislation to get approved across party lines. Which is the true current disaster in Ukrainian government. On that it is a battlefield with take no prisoners, give no quarter as gospel. Disasterous, truly catastrophic.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I still cannot forgive not Yulia, not ByuT for bringing PoR into power with their games which led to AKK. And reading the interview with PORA leader Kaskiv brought it back for me: “The Goals of Parties that Formed Orange Coalition in 2004 are Different” Saturday, 04 March 2006

This is a subtlety that is quite often missed in Western reports (how parties have changed) and how personal ambition has won over idealism.