Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bohatyryova appeals to pressa to stabilise VR

I've translated this from today's Unian:

Bogatyryova calls upon Yushchenko to discuss "alarming tendencies" as soon as possible.

The coordinator of parliamentary majority and leader of the PoR faction in the VR, Raisa Bohatyryova considers that the President Yushchenko should meet with the leaders of parliamentary fractions as soon as possible.

"We are again approaching the dangerous possibility of deepening national division. Parliament is being artificially used - the opposition is systematically developing its plan. In this situation the President should meet the leaders of parliamentary fractions as soon as possible," said Bohatyrova.

The coordinator of the VR majority considers that the crisis in the VR has been artificially created. In her opinion, "the opposition forces, which unfortunately includes the presidential NU, are destabilizing its work, and have as their obvious aim the breakdown of the work of the highest legislative organ and government in order to provoke a general national political crisis. The plan is that this campaign will culminate in early parliamentary elections. "

"But it is completely obvious, noted Bohatyryova, that this could well provoke early presidential elections too. [In other words, 'Don't push your luck..']

The coordinator of parliamentary majority called on the President to discuss the present alarming tendency as soon as possible, adding: "We are definitely ready for any early elections, both ideologically, and also financially, but is the country ready for this? I'm sure it will not change anything - not even the doomed ambitions of our opposition. Moreover, it will impact painfully on the economy, since huge sums of money would be spent on elections which otherwise could be directed toward reforming the housing and lame social sector."

According to her: "We should speak right now about the problems in housing and utilities services sector, since the impression being given is that this branch of the economy never existed, and now only the anti-crisis coalition is guilty for all its sins. We have never avoided responsibility, but we consider that the problems involved in the housing and communal services sector are complex in nature and require the coordinated and joint efforts of all branches of government."

Bohatyryova also said, "We must speak to the President about a compromise version of the law "On the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine", about the VR rules of procedure [reglament], and about the imperative mandate for deputies of local councils. I am certain that the branches of the Ukrainian authorities must renew the dialogue that existed earlier, when vital decisions for the country were approved as a result of consultations and combined actions."

She appeals to the president for more consulations over the appointment of a new minister of foreign affairs and head of SBU [the VR rejected the president's proposed candidates Ohryzhko and Korol recently] declaring, "We don't want to give out negative signals to the international community by rejecting Ohryzhko and Korol for a second time. The institution of the presidency of Ukraine should appear strong and responsible for stability of the state in the eyes of the international community."

Bohatyryova is regarded are the mouthpiece of the new Donetskiites, close to Akhmetov. After the death of Yevhen Kushnaryov in a hunting accident, she is probably PoR's most able front-man. I suspect the thinking is that maybe they've pushed the pres. too hard in recent times, and do not want to risk more uncertainty at the moment.

Today BYuT and NU joined forces again 'as an united opposition'.
[Photo from Unian of the ever-popular Bohatyryova]

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