Saturday, February 03, 2007

Trust in Yanukovych

Only half of the Donbass population 'trust the Yanukovych government', according to an O.P. in the popular 'Donbass' newspaper.

The article says that sober-minded people are usually guided by the rule which Ronald Reagan once slightly mispronounced when suggesting to Mikhail Gorbachov: "dover eye no prover eye" - trust, but check". The O.P. carried out between 12th and 28th January by the Nikolai Gavrilov analytical service, indicated that Yanuk's government is trusted by 47% of the adult population of Donetsk region. In total 929 people were questioned.

A favorable opinion of the government is held by the respondents who trust it, primarily because of confidence in Viktor Yanukovych (35%), then because of the government's performance: i.e. they "try for the people" (17%). 11% said "they are delivering on what they promised".

Of the respondents, who expressed a negative attitute to the activity of government, the article says "irrational motives in their assessments clearly prevailed" [hmm]. Only 15% did not have confidence personally in prime minister, and 14% did not like members of his cabinet.
What slightly surprised LEvko is the high degree of trust expressed by students in [proffessor] Yanukovych - more than 2 -1 in his favour.

[Blue - trust: Yellow - mistrust. The categories in the chart, in order, are blue-collar workers, white-collar workers, Business sphere, students, pensioners, and unemployed.]

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