Saturday, February 10, 2007

Yanuk calls PACE report "unfounded accusations"

The prime minister Victor Yanukovych has called the Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe report on the honoring of obligations by a member state, "Unfounded accusations that are not supported by facts." He made his remarks in an interview for the Russian "Nashe Vremya" newspaper.

I have posted previously on this report, which described the new Cabinet as being "top-heavy with officials who personified the corrupt fusion of business interests with the government and the manipulation of elections before the Orange Revolution period.."

Yanukovych emphasized that he is used to reasoned conversation, but "What are they blaming us for?"

More seriously:
"As we see, is integration into the European Union, under conditions of such uncertainty in our relations, possible? Thus far we hear only generalizations, beautiful in form, but empty in meaning. So it is too early, to speak about membership, let us comprehend what is happening first. And let's not forget that questions of Euro-integration is a matter for all Ukrainians, and not only for the KabMin and President. We should ask the people, is all this necessary for them?" declared a peeved Yanukovych.

When asked whether he considers the problem of Ukraine splitting up to be still topical, [often discussed in the Russian media as here] he replies: "..There is no difference between the east and the west of the country. When I was chair of the Donetsk administration, I used to come to Lviv on working visits. I didn't feel then that there was any difference, I feel no difference now. We will work to consider the specifics of the regions - there will be no problems."

"We will not impose general education in Ukrainian on the Crimeans, and let us return national culture to the Galicians, and everyone will be satisfied...The Russian language has become a divisive factor with us. But this is all an artificially devised problem. We will provide regional status to the Russian language, subsequently let us think also above giving to it state status."

Full interview here.

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