Friday, January 26, 2007

PACE report: Unsatisfactory progress..

Check out this Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe [PACE] report produced after a fact-finding visit to Ukraine in October 2006 by the committee on the honoring of obligations and commitments by member states.

Some quotes:

"The political reality in today's Ukraine shows that, apart from the conduct of free and transparent elections in March 2006, the promises of the Maidan to introduce clean, honest and competent governance and promote the rule of law and transparency at all levels have not been met. The new Cabinet is top-heavy with officials who personified the corrupt fusion of business interests with the government and the manipulation of elections before the Orange Revolution period. The non-transparent way in which the coalition negotiations were conducted over half a year, the mismatch of the political 'colours' of the so-called coalition partners and the murky deals that the short-lived 'grand coalition' stemmed from means that people do not finally know who they voted for...

Ukraine's unpredictable political system without fixed rules, moral umpires or political traditions, where agreements between political forces are signed only to be broken on the following day, coupled with the lack of strategy and transparency, disinterest in reforms and the return of discredited personnel from the Kuchma era to the state apparatus cast doubt on the irreversibility of the spirit of the Universal, augment the gap between the state and society in Ukraine and seriously undermine Ukraine's international reputation as a reliable partner...

A huge gap exists between the rhetoric and reality, promises and performance, intentions and action, which in turn have contributed to a loss in public confidence in state institutions, and to the rise of political apathy, corruption, and fears of eventual return of undemocratic practices."

Worth reading in full. Recent appointments in the Ministry of Internal Affairs at deputy minister and oblast police chief level, and in the Prosecutor-General's office increase these fears..

p.s. The new police chiefs were not appointed for their good looks alone..

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