Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just writing on a toilet wall

Today's 'Obozrevatel' carries an interview with the recently-appointed Deputy Prosecutor-General - the Donetskyite Renat Kuzmin [see photo], about whom I have posted previously.

Here's a bit:

Oboz: "You have a rather dubious reputation, some even call you "an odious deputy prosecutor". How do you explain these 'honours'?"

Kuzmin: "I consider that the first task of the representatives of the media is to provide objective information. But when individual personalities, financed by other wretched personalities, write such garbage, then this reminds me of public toilets in the times of stagnation. When you go in it is dark, it stinks and there are inscriptions on the walls. These inscriptions are the various articles on our internet sites."

He may be alluding to investigative journalist Volodymyr Boyko's and others allegations about how three years ago Kuzmin and associates tried to force Kyiv's largest cable TV operator 'Volya Kabel' to broadcast Donetsk TV station 'Kyivska Rus' programs free of charge. When they refused, Volya Kabel's director and others were thrown into jail and maltreated in dreadful conditions. Members of the Donetsk prosecutor's office continued to pressurize Volya Kabel by every means possible until the Orange Revolution halted them in their tracks. 'Kyivska Rus' is allegedly controlled by former Donetsk prosecutor and former P-G Hennadiy Vasilyev - one of Ukraine's richest men, who appears in 'Kyiv Post's top 30.

[I have also written about another newly-appointed deputy P-G Viktor Pshonka, his shady past, and his possible link to murdered journalist Ihor Aleksandrov, previously.]

Two days ago Boyko wrote a powerful article about the shooting and death of leading PoR deputy Yevhen Kushnaryov here entitled "Death of a poacher" . I recommend to anyone who wants to know how the country has been run, and is being run.

A quote: "Ukraine is not divided into East and West at all, nor into 'blue-white' and 'oranges', and not even into the rich and the poor. It is divided into 'them' and 'us', those that are always right, and those with no rights. They have their own budget, which for some reason they call 'the state budget', their own prosecutors office, their own judges, their own tax police, their own ministry for protecting their health.

For them - everything, for us - the law."

"Bandits to jail?' - just writing on a toilet wall..

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Woe to the sheep when the wolf is the judge.

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