Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ukraine's finest on the case..

Ukraine's Prosecutor-General Oleksandr Medvedko today revealed that two more suspects have been identified in the poisoning of president Viktor Yushchenko in September 2004. In a hesitant performance which can be seen here, he refused to name names, but added that one of them was 'a masseur' who left Kyiv last September. His whereabouts is now not known.

Several days ago ex-SBU head Igor Smesko in a newspaper interview stated that Yushchenko had also eaten at the dacha one of the directors of the 'Foxtrot' chain of electrical products stores, one and a half hours before the fateful last supper with Smesko and ex-deputy head of the SBU Satsyuk, at the latter's dacha.

Deputy P-G Renat Kuzmin declared two months ago that at least 20 persons could have poisoned Yushchenko, and that member of the president's closest circle were amongst the suspects.

LEvko says Inspector Clouseau could do a better job. And another thing: Kirpa - Kravchenko - Kuchnaryov? Is there a serial Killer out there? Just might be worth checking out....

P-G is probably working on it as I write..

Update from today's 'Gazeta po Kievski'

'Stop feeding us fairy stories'

But who in this country still believes in the fairy stories that 'the investigation continues' and 'the poisoner is being sought'?

If it is necessary to solve the crime (as with the British law enforcement agencies in the Litvinenko case), then they will solve it. But if not (as occurs with murders of journalists, politicians, businessmen over here), then to the matter will never be resolved.

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Anonymous said...

After I read your entry re: Kuchnaryov, I was no longer sure that it was an accident. K sounded like a bulwark which for some would be an impediment rather than advantage. (If it was an accident, it was really good luck for someone.) And the excesses of the funeral also inc. my doubts - why laud him so? guilt, perhaps? or it was easy to compliment him now that he was no longer an issue? Only time will tell.