Saturday, January 13, 2007

Betrayers betrayed

Big power shift today - described in 'KyivPost'

"Parliament overrides presidential veto of law to strengthen premier's powers

For the second time in a week, however, former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko's bloc joined the [pro-government] coalition, giving it the necessary votes."

Quotes from some big names:

"Our negotiations with NU even in July [2006] would start [from agreement that] in any future coalition, [they] would have the PM's position. They trashed all of these agreements. They [NU] walked out of the VR today because they are politically bankrupt." Yevhen Kushnaryov -leading PoR deputy.

"The greatest sadness for me is that in the question of overcoming the [presidential] veto, the anti-crisis coalition and BYuT united together on impulse. The law on the cabinet of ministers now opens a path for the Yanukovych government to usurpation." Vyacheslav Kyrylenko - leader of the NU fraction in the VR.

"There can be no cooperation between us and Viktor Yanukovych. This was simultaneous, but not contiguous strategic voting." Yuliya Tymoshenko

LEvko thinks the man in the street will not buy Yulka's pitch. It looks as if BYuT have betrayed any principles they may have claimed, as did the double-dealing Socialists and NSNU last summer.

p.s. Review of the late Sasha Litvinenko's book in today's London 'Times' written by Oleg Gordievsky.

A quote: "Putin degenerated from being an intelligence officer to become the leader of a country where criminal kingpins and former convicts are respected and even worshipped and now constitute the country's official “elite”. They drive the best cars, buy the best houses, acquire profitable companies at home and abroad, and have seats in the Russian parliament, the Duma..

sounds familiar


Anonymous said...

Wow. I am really shocked by BYuT openly supporting PoR for possible support on a bill in BYuT's favor. I am really shocked.

R. Smith said...


We heard speculation about a "grand coalition" before, but who'd'a thunk BYuT would get in before NU?

Not, of course, that they are part of a formal coalition... politics makes strange bedfellows, I guess.