Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ring a ring o'roses* around the table

The president is still acting as if he expects fair play in politics and is preparing further round tables and Universal declarations with PM Yanukovych, whilst at the same time he is vetoing bill after bill submitted to him by the VR. [From Internet-reporter]

The truce between the two Viktors which was declared at the end of last year was just a brief interlude, and from the start of 2007, conflict has again been stepped up.

A situation that could even be called anarchy has been created - laws are not being adhered to. The constitution is being interpreted according to specific requirements by one and all, a state of affairs that cannot continue for long. There has to be a winner, but politicians are being aided by the passivity of the electorate, after the stormy events of the last few years. The Ukrainian military have never acted independently in order to resolve conflicts, as has occurred in other countries, e.g. Thailand last year.

The president has used his one ace - the power of veto - too frequently recently [Maybe about 8 times..LEvko] but has had to back down several times. Meanwhile the VR has sacked the president's ministers without too many problems, so it would seem that Yanukovych has the stronger hand at the moment.

There are possibly three ways to resolve this conflict. #1 Come to a mutual agreement, and act according to these agreements. #2 Either Yanuk or Yush 'falls on his sword' i.e. resigns. #3 Cancellation of political reforms and a call for fresh parliamentary elections.

Problem with #1 is whatever is agreed is not legally binding on any of the parties concerned, so would very quickly not be adhered to in any case.

#2 is an unlikely scenario.

#3 has some merit. The changes in the constitution [which were agreed to in order for the oranges to obtain a re-run of the second round of the 2004 presidential elections] and the resultant ambiguities are the primary source of the confusion behind the current power struggles between President and PM. Although, in principle, there are no procedures envisaged for resolving such matters, there are precedents, e.g. the all-Ukrainian referendum of 2000 [more on this here], and also the annulling of the second round presidential election voting in 2004. So there are possibilities..

However, opinion polls indicate that support for the country's political forces, orange and blue, has changed little - any fresh VR elections would produce a similar result to that of last March.

So Yush is going for option #1. A write up of yesterday's round table between the two Viktors and Moroz here

A ‘roadmap’ based on the previously agreed 'Univeral' will be the top issue at another round table planned for February 14-15.

Meanwhile unbridled Government scams are on the rise.

*Ring a ring o'roses
A pocketful of posies
ah-tishoo! ah-tishoo!
We all fall down!

Nursery rhyme or children's song and game.


Anonymous said...

Option #3 is no0t the way forward. Yushchenko was elected on the expectation that Ukraine would make the transition form a Presidential dictatorship to a parliamentary democracy bringing it in line with most European Countries. What Ukraine need most is a period of stable government and a parliament that is prepared to view the actions of the government and hold them to account (Some thing that can be achieved under a Parliamentary democracy more then a Presidential dictatorship). Any unresolved deadlock between the Office of the President and the Elected parliament should require that both the Parliament and the President face fresh elections or which ever one President or Parliament is due next to face the polls. Only when both arms of power are faced with the prospect of fresh elections will we see the taming of the various power games that really do not serve Ukraine's best interest.

Asa you have pointed out if fresh parliamentary elections were held to day the result would be pretty much the same as was the case in March. However if fresh Presidential elections were to be held Yushchenko would most certainly not be re-elected. A contest between Yulia Tymoshenko and Moroz would most likely see Moroz elected as President.

Support for Our Ukraine is at an all time low and declining further every day.

Ukraine's future does not lie with this parliament but with the parliaments that will follow. It best chance for a bright future most certainly lies with Ukraine remaining a Parliamentary democracy and not reverting to the of a Presidential dictatorship. spend time talking to the young people of Ukraine and you get a very different picture of where Ukraine is heading. It is not a future of division or hatred towards Russia but one of balance with Ukraine remaining a truly independent nation based on true democratic values.

The current players should be seeking to strenthern Ukraine parliamentary democracy as opposed to undermining it. Challenges to Ukraine's past constitutional reforms will only serve to further undermine Ukraine's democratic development and divide Ukraine even further then currently exists. There is a need for a change of tact and a re-appraisal of policies and intent. Ukraine needs to say No to NATO and raises its position on issues that divide Ukraine and concentrate on those things that unite Ukraine. Divisive politics will fail in the long run.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

So that everyone is clear, UkrToday, Mr. Anthony Van Der Craats, is the Online Editor of a Blog he created which uses the name of Action Ukraine Report. The Action Ukraine Report is Edited by one Mr. E. Morgan Williams, Director, Government Affairs
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