Friday, February 02, 2007

Yanik says PACE report not objective

Yanukovych responded today, during a visit to Kherson, to the highly critical PACE report which was published several days ago on the 25th of January.

"I'm used to discussions on the language of facts. If there are facts, what is there to talk about? I'm prepared for discussions at any level. I'm always only interested in concrete actions," said Yanik.

Ah, lucidity - its a gift the PM possesses..

And why aren't the opposition using this report - an arsenal of ammunition with which to 'bash' the Yanuk government and anti-crisis coalition?

Just one quote from the report:

"On 11 January, the Verkhovna Rada was scheduled to elect the new [Ukrainian Parliament Human Rights] Ombudsperson. To our indignation, however, the ruling coalition parties presented the candidature of the same person [Nina Karpachova] that had discredited the independence of the Ombudsman's office in Ukraine for months. "

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Anonymous said...

As before the March elections there does not seem to be alot of Yanu bashing (which is very bad) except by certain individuals and most noticeably there is little bashing of PoR by Byut. Byut does alot of President bashing inc. there rational for voting for the Cabinet Minister's bill (the Pres. is doing a lousing job and revenge for firing Yulia from PM position.) But as the "opposition" Byut is focused on Yushchenko and letting the Pres. and the PM/PoR go at each other. What kind of an opposition is this? and who is really the opposition?

And the only real showdown with PoR that Byut has engaged in has been in the Kyiv Rada against Chernovetsky (and the media downplayed the actions of deputities from Pora and NU making it seem like it is only Byut.)