Friday, February 23, 2007

Yush's birthday prezzies

Official Comment of the Press Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the statements of the Mayor of Moscow Yuriy Luzhkov February 22, 2007

"On February 21 in Sevastopol, the Mayor of Moscow Yuriy Luzhkov [see photo] publicly dared [to] called[?] in[to] question the status of the Crimean peninsula as a part of Ukraine.

Currently, when the Ukrainian – Russian relations are gradually released from ideology and stereotypes of the past by common efforts of the Presidents of Ukraine and Russia, the statements of the Russian regional figure may not be qualified otherwise but as an intended action aimed at detriment of this positive progress.

Obviously without any authority to say[?] [speak] in the name of Russia, Mr. Luzhkov pronounced simultaneously [?] [suggested that] as if this neighbor country does not intend fulfilling its international obligations particularly fixed in the basic agreements on temporary disposition of the Black Sea Navy of the Russian Federation in the territory of Ukraine.

In addition, contrary to the mentioned basic agreements, Mr. Luzhkov took part in unveiling of the so called Moscow House built in the territory of the military unit leased by the Black Sea Navy of the Russian Federation.

Special anxiety is also aroused by the public summons [?] [appeals] of Mr. Luzhkov to Ukrainian citizens to take part in mass actions of political nature which is direct interference in internal affairs of a foreign country.

The Ukrainian party regards the events occurred in Sevastopol as a step aimed at forcing stress [raising tension] in the society, detriment [undermining] of good neighborly relations and strategic partnership between Ukraine and Russia.

We hope that such actions of the said official will be properly assessed by the Russian authority which will be informed to the Ukrainian party.

For its part, the Ukrainian party reserves the right to resort to appropriate measures, being guided by the current legislation that provides making decisions for the purpose of preventing foreign citizens from arrangement of preconditions for committal of unlawful manifestations associated with infringement of territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine."

A well-deserved admonishment. [A pity about the translation..I've put my suggestions having read the original Ukrainian text]

Petro Poroshenko, one of the 'lyubi druzi' has been elected chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine council. [nice work if you can get it] Several days ago he was declared a 'persona non grata' and was prevented from entering Russia. He won't be 'doing a runner' [run away from a crime scene] with the money there then.

Rinat Akhmetov, Serhiy Taruta, and Ihor Kolomoyskiy who all figure in the top half dozen biggest Ukrainian businessmen, visited the president today to wish him happy birthday and hand over birthday gifts. His is 53 today. [As someone once said, "I never met a millionaire I didn't like.]

President Putin also sent his 'Mnogaya Lyeta' wishes. He expressed: "confidence that further close co-operation grounded on the principles of good neighbourliness, long term strategic partnership and pragmatism, will serve the fundamental interests of the Ukrainian and Russian nations."
[Small tip for the pres. - accept no food or drink prezzies]

In his 'thank you' note maybe pres. could mention the awkward matter of Luzhkov, and oh, put a word in for his 'kum' - godfather of his off-spring, Petro P.

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