Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Discontent with all parties spreading..

Discontent with all Ukrainian politicians and their continuing endless squabbling is expressed in an article in the popular 'Donbass' newspaper. entitled: "Time to call a 'vyechye'" [a public assembly called in Russian and Ukrainian towns in earlier times]. I've paraphrased bits below:

Gloomy predictions of Ukrainian political scientists are beginning to come true. In spite of ostensibly achieving compromises, the political situation in Ukraine continues to be rooted to the spot. A number of political forces continue to disrupt the negotiation process in order to avoid, at any price, the early elections due on 30th September. Some politicians in every political force are trying to stop or at least slow down the process. They all claim concern over adherence to the law, but the true reason for their actions is fear of losing the elections.

... It's no secret to anyone, that many deputies paid big money (unofficial sources say from four to seven million dollars) for a place in the parliament.

VR speaker Oleksandr Moroz declares that until the Central Election Commision confirms that opposition deputies have revoked their mandates, the VR cannot be considered illegitimate, and therefore its work continues.

"Zerkalo Nedeli" wrote that 'Sotspartiya' does not have any chance of success in the elections, and is having legal action brought against it. In order to avoid a similar fate, let us say the Sotspartiya has splendid chances and Moroz will gain almost all the places in parliament. And yet they are attempting to sabotage the elections. What's the problem? Maybe they don't want victory?

Vadim Kolesnichenko (PoR) considers that the political conflict in the Ukraine, "is only beginning to flare up". He does not exclude the possibility that, "In autumn it will be necessary to adopt some extraordinary measures". He properly indicates there are legal time-bombs placed under the future parliament.

According to the deputy, it is possible to assume: "Elections will take place, but there will be no change to the present situation. What happens next? The side, which lost, does not take up its mandates. And then, according to the constitution, the Supreme Rada will not be actually formed by the two thirds of deputies, as required by the constitution.

On the one hand, after the snap election the newly formed parliament will not be dissolved, but on the other hand, a proper parliament will not be formed. The country may face very serious problems...

We already heard several times, and sighed with relief that, "They have found a compromise, and the crisis is behind us". But next day everything continues as before in the traditional way. In their present composition the politicians cannot achieve a position to suit everyone - someone inevitably loses. We may conclude that qualitative changes are necessary, i.e. cancellation of elections by party lists. But this most honest of solutions greatly frightens many influential politicians, who only have chances with party list systems. And it is they that make the decisions.

The only notes of optimism during the entire political crisis are government continues to work, because according to the constitution the government can only be sacked by the Supreme Rada, and the crisis is not affecting the social and the economic sphere for the time being.

But in a normal state, its parliament must continue to work. Laws must be passed, and some changed - today this is practically impossible. What factor of safety is there in the country? How can it progress with paralysis of one of the branches of authority?

The adviser to the President questions of law, Stepan Havrish asserts that the President will sign no laws passed by the present VR, since it has ceased to be legitimate. But deputies continue to work - the result is zero - a blind alley.

Politicians from any one party are today not capable (thank goodness) to completely control the country. For them to reach a concensus is very difficult. The nation [narod] waits. If today's politician cannot sort out the problems, they should take a look at what happened to the old Communists. As it says in the constitution: the 'narod' is ultimately the main bearer of authority.

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