Sunday, June 17, 2007

Noble causes and dirty money

" thing has become apparent: either politics is one big bluff, or high society life is one big hypocrisy..Where else can today's president, Viktor Yushchenko be seen embracing his enemy Leonid Kuchma?" - from an article in 'Tabloid' which includes several [illicitly taken] photographs of the bash at Viktor Pinchuk's art gallery during this weekend's visit by Elton John to Kyiv.

The blonde with the big teeth and gold-chain dress-straps in the photos is Olena Franchuk - Leonid Kuchma's daughter and Viktor Pinchuk's wife.

How Franchuk and Pinchuk made easy millions from Kyivstar, the largest mobile phone operator in Ukraine, with well over 20 million subscribers, can be read here. CEO of Kyivstar was Yuriy Tumanov - Kuchma's brother-in-law.

p.s. "’re open to do something for people affected by HIV/AIDS. It is not necessary to be rich and earn a fortune to change someone’s life for better. To open your heart is enough. If you want to help people with HIV/AIDS, you can make your contribution by transferring money donation to the account of Elena Franchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation. We will make sure that every coin received from outside reach those in need." [From Elena Franchuk anti-aids foundation website]

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