Monday, December 15, 2008

Lytvyn on Russian TV

Tonight newly-elected VR speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn appeared in an interview on Russian TV [Watch it here ]

He called for the establishment of a normal dialogue between Kyiv and Moscow. He was against the cutting off of Russian channels from Ukrainian cable TV customers, and against the subject of the Holodomor "being transferred into the area of ethnocide," which was being done "for export".

He added that a VR committee had decided recommendation of an investigative commission report on alleged supply of weaponry to Georgia be looked into on Friday.

Speaking on the current political situation, he said: "Today there is an attempt to tear parliament apart and lead Ukraine to elections in conditions of deepening crisis." He said the president does not support the newly-formed coalition.

Every one of the above replies will be met by approving nods from PoR, but will annoy the president, who himself was interviewed by BBC World News yesterday - this is to be broadcast by the BBC on Monday. In the interview he claims he will co-operate with any parliamentary coalition but that at present "a formal announcement on the creation of a coalition does not yet exist," and that "complex debates are taking place." [English version (kind of) here ]

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elmer said...

The interviewer asked: "what does the president (Baloha, er, Yushchenko - those are my comments, not the interviewer's) want?"

Can anyone answer that question?

Also, very interesting - Lytvy was sitting in front of one of those fireplaces with the fake gas logs that try to make it look like there's wood on the fire.

I wonder how much RosUkrEnergo gets paid for the use of that gas?