Thursday, December 04, 2008

PRyBYuT to nail Pres?

Lots of speculation that PoR and BYuT will do the unthinkable - join forces in a parliamentary coalition.

Yulia T. could remain PM, and Yanukovych may take the parliamentary speaker's chair, but afterward he may elected president by the parliament [presumably after Yushchenko is removed by a 2/3 constitutional majority?]

All the deputy PM's and the economic portfolios would be in the hands of PoR - the remainder split 50-50. Yuriy Lutsenko, Borys Tarasyuk and other NUNS 'renegades' may also sign up to this coalition.

The union is to be "guaranteed by the Kremlin and EU"

Oh, and it is "highly probable" Viktor Medvedchuk will become Minister of Justice.

Your blogger wonders what will the Pres's response to all of this be..


Anonymous said...

Minister of Justice is that Med's cut for brokering the deal?

The reported plan has got a flaw as far as Yanuk is concerned since a President elected by Parliament is subservient to them and ends up being just a ceremonial post.

Anonymous said...

All sounds positive and long over due. Ukraine must put an end to Yushchenko's policies of division and destabilisation.

My main concern is the proposed model of representation in any constitutional reform. This should be discussed separately from proposals that would see Ukraine adopt a European style parliamentary system of governance

Anonymous said...

The appointment of a head of state by 2/3rds majority is not a walk though the park. It would ensure that the person appointed represents a majority of Ukrainians and will not favour one sector over another.

The move towards a parliamentary system would provide daily checks and balances.

Ukraine has struggled to become a parliamentary democracy since it first declared independence.

The presidential system has failed Ukraine at every step.