Friday, December 05, 2008

Yushchenko's response to possible PoR/BYuT coalition

The following was posted on Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko's official website today:

"The President considers creation of a BYuT-PoR coalition to be threat to the democratic achievements of Ukraine

Victor Yushchenko considers the creation of such a parliamentary majority format quite probable. "Creation of this coalition is quite probable. Formally, today it has [already] been created," said the President.

The head of the state forsees serious threats to the democratic achievements of Ukraine as the result of such a political union.

"If this consolidation is not checked by means of ideological positions, national interests, [and] democratic interests, it could lead to serious challenges to Ukrainian democracy," said Viktor Yushchenko during press conference.

The president mentioned possible threats such as a major revision of the Ukrainian Constitution, in particular, cancellation of direct presidential elections and election of the president by parliament. "These matters, which will ruin Ukrainian democracy, do not correspond to our aspirations. It would cast Ukraine away from the sphere of stability for many years," considers Viktor Yushchenko.

In addition, the President declared that he will not permit the possibility of such events [taking place]. "Such attempts to revise the Constitution under someone will not pass in Ukraine," assured Viktor Yushchenko."

Yushchenko has not produced any evidence or argument to convince the electorate of his assertions. Your blogger considers the President will not get away with dismissing a possible constitutional majority of 2/3 of parliamentary deputies [if one is formed] for a second time.


Unknown said...

This is funny coming from Yush and all his attempts for a grand coalition with PoR and his special relations with Renat.

It is not good that he says he will not permit the possibility of such evens (changing the const.). Is he saying he will use whatever means possible to thwart these changes? Is he implying that he will use dictatorship means to stop democratic means?

Anonymous said...

He's not going to dismiss Parl with a constitutional majority. He's already said he'll accept any coalition of any sort of 226 deputies or more. He just says here that he won't let them change the constitution as to enable the Pres to be elected by Parl - (just so that Yanuk and Tym can divide things up between them the way they want). Even if they have a constitutional majority then he says he'll call a referrendum. Whether he'll actually be able to do this is another question but Ukranians seem to want to elect their President.

Anonymous said...

I think the previous comment hit the nail on the head. With Yushchenko, it's a Mexican standoff. So Tymo and Yanuk are doing a public dance with each other, sending out "trial balloons," seeing if they want to get in bed with each other, and each oligarch group is trying to figure out if they can trust each other if there's only 2 groups. In the meantime, Tymo won't answer the questions of the press about it - so much for "open, honest and forthright" government, which she supposedly advocates. And Yanuk certainly isn't giving anything away. The people be damned - it's all about Tymo's group of oligarchs and Yanuk's group of oligarchs and Yushchenko's group of oligarchs (well, he's also been trying to buddy up to Akhmetov) holding on to assets and income streams.

Even though they've all learned to mouth words about "national interest," - that doesn't mean a thing. Well, actually, in Ukraine, it means the opposite. It means that Kolomoisky, Hubsky, Buryak, Firtash, Zviahilsky, Haiduk, Boyko, and all the rest of the fat oligarchs want to keep holding on to the "political elite" party list system - and all the assets and income streams that go with it.

And to think that the only thing they're trying to do is to elect a Speaker of Parliament.

In Ukraine, it seems that it's impossible to get from point A to point B.

It's simply impossible.

And, as Taras Kuzio said, you can't make this SHIT up.

Anonymous said...

The sooner Ukraine can adopt constitutional reform and become a Parliamentary democracy in line with other European States the sooner Ukraine can begin to establish stable a democratic rule of law and port and end to the divisive undemocratic rule by presidential decree. The presidential system has failed Ukraine. A European Parliamentary system of governance is the way forward.

Anonymous said...

Yushchenko has opposed Ukraine becoming a Parliamentary democracy since 2002. He represents a minority of Ukrainians. If Ukraine wishes to become a member of the EU then it should adopt European systems of governance.

Every other former Soviet State that is a member of the EU is a Parliamentary democracy.

Yushchenko continues to opposed Ukraine's Democratic development as he desperately struggles to cling on to power. The sooner he resigns or is ousted from office the better off Ukraine will be. Yushchenko is the main obstacle to Ukraine's democratic development.