Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stroppy PoR

Party of Regions have responded swiftly to the newly-formed "National development, stability and order" parliamentary coalition. Below I've translated some portions of a statement on their website:

"BYuT, part of NUNS, and Lytvyn's Bloc [LB], with the support of the Communists have created a pro-NATO, pro-nationalist coalition, which, while having an insufficient number of votes but being supported by the Communists, will realise an anti-nation policy.

A prominent point of their coalition agreement was the question of priority of entry into NATO without a referendum, i.e. without the agreement of the Ukrainian people.

Other particularly troubling points, are those which mention "strengthening the defence of Ukrainian national and spiritual identity", i.e. forced Ukrainianisation."

The PoR declaration mentions the withdrawal from school syllabuses of a particular novel about the 'Great Patriotic War', and goes on..

"The Communist fraction not only did not condemn such heresy by the current authorities, but supported the authorities and its coalition with its votes in parliament.

PoR considers this fact an unprecedented betrayal by the Communists and LB of its nation and electors.

Combining falseness, lies and insidiousness, the new 'short-count' coalition has only one purpose – to keep the Tymoshenko government in power.

The coalition agreement is complete eyewash. It does not contain a serious program for overcoming the crisis. At its core are ideological messages formulated by supporters of NATO and forced Ukrainisation.

PoR warns all those who today supports the new orange-communist adventurists that they will be held responsible before the nation..

We solidarise with the nation, who, with the start of strikes and protests that are already rolling across Ukraine, are expressing their 'no' to the bungling authorities and their Communist 'yes-men'."

PoR' sulking and half-truths [on the NATO issue] are very predictable...But with only 175 parliamentary deputies, they really need Lytvyn's bloc and the Communists if they are to form a coalition together with pro-presidential portion of NUNS when/if the newly-formed coalition falls apart. Despite being the largest party in parliament, they always seem to be responding to events, rather than dictating them - maybe this is the reason for the nasty statement above.

The unofficial leader of the pro-coalition portion of NUNS, Borys Tarasyuk, claims that despite their low number, with the aid of the Communists and some PoR deputies, the new coalition will be able to operate successfully in parliament.

But the biggest loser is president Yushchenko - he has lost control of his own party..

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