Sunday, November 27, 2011

Is sadistic too strong a word?

I wrote several days ago about the brutal treatment which Yulia Tymoshenko is being subjected to whilst detained in a Kyiv 'SIzo' [Investigative Isolator]. This is a pre-trial isolation unit where prisoners since Tsarist times have been held until they "confessed"... were tried...sentenced..sent to Siberia...executed...etc. Get the general idea?

After being bedridden for about two weeks, she was visited last week by Nina Karpachova, the Ukrainian Parliament Ombudswoman and Commissioner for Human Rights. Karpachova later called the former PM's condition 'extremely serious'.

Early Wednesday morning Tymoshenko was whisked off to a Kyiv hospital were a scan and other examination procedures were conducted.

A report on the reputable 'Radio Svoboda' site quotes a witness who says Tymoshenko was maltreated during this visit. Her head was covered over and even though she could not walk unaided she was not put into a wheelchair but was dragged along.

Hospital administrators had previously cleared medical staff from the corridors so that as few as possible could see what was going on. Staff were warned and threatened with dismissal if they dared to leak any information about what had occurred. Naturally, many of the hospital staff were very distressed by all of this. Other BYuT deputies have since received similar reports from other hospital staff.

Tymoshenko was diagnosed as suffering from a herniated disc - a serious back condition which frequently causes severe back and leg pain. Specialist treatment is normally prescribed.

Question: What purpose does the maltreatment of such a prominent figure serve, particularly when there is world-wide interest in this case?

Answer: To satisfy sadistic urges and to deter the others...

p.s. Those responsible for her maltreatment will say: Well, we offered her a way out, a one-way ticket abroad before her trial and detention...if she was foolish enough to turn it down she only has herself to blame...she knew what to expect...

Foolish...or brave?

p.p.s. Werner Schulz, a German MEP, member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Parliamentary Committee on EU-Ukraine co-operation, in a recent article in 'Berliner Zeitung' entitled: 'An immoral proposal', claims Yanukovych offered to free Tymoshenko in exchange for either a €400 million "ransom" [the losses allegedly incurred by Ukraine as a result of Tymoshenko's gas deal], or for a solid EU accession perspective. Another reason for 'turning the screw' on Yu.T?


elmer said...

No, sadistic is not too strong a word.

These sovok mafia thugs do indeed belong back in the Dark Ages.

Ukraine has a blithering idiot as "the president."

On his recent visit to Sumy, all the stores were forbidden to display any ---- eggs.

Here's one of the news reports from TVi:

Recall the famous egg incident during the elections in 2004, when someone threw an egg at Yanusvoloch, and he fell over in convulsions and was rushed away as if he had been shot.

Anonymous said...

Seriously elmer it might make you feel good using such derogative insulting words, and they may be justified in your eyes, does not help your cause. The use of such childish tactics only undermines and weakens your message, as you are seen to be irrational in your response.

Anonymous said...

"Ukraine has a blithering idiot as 'the president'.

Since when has Ukraine not had a "blithering idiot as president".

Ukraine needs to follow in the footsteps of Estonia and Latvia, both former soviet States, that adopted a full democratic European model of parliamentary governance.

Yushchenko and his party "Our Ukraine" opposed Ukraine adopting European values and European models of democracy.

As long as Ukraine remains beholden to Presidential rule it will never be a free independent democratic state.

Ukraine must seek constitutional and judicial reform. It must remove presidential power and authority and take collective responsibility for its own governance.