Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Wake up call for EU

I really liked this article: "Wake-up call for the EU", from Mykola Ryabchuk.
He predictions on likely 'Belarusization' of Ukraine are entirely credible..

Most EU leaders, in their heart of hearts share this view. They have to make a decision whether to take firm action in an attempt to halt this process. The question they need to sort out in their minds is, is do they do this 'en bloc' in December? Or do individual EU countries take piecemeal action in the months to come?

And which of these will make a difference to the path of the Yanukovych steamroller?

p.s. "The authorities are under the illusion that they will be accepted [ in Europe] even if they do not share these values [of human rights] - they do not understand how deep [this is felt]"...Savik Shuster...last minutes of this behind-the-scenes, off-air 'AfterLive' video clip


Anonymous said...

I liked the lines.

"The ambassador smiled and replied: "You know, the previous government wasn't exemplary in terms of the rule of law either."

At the time this seemed to be the dominant EU attitude to developments in Ukraine. Nor was it entirely unreasonable. Within five years the Orange leaders had done their best to compromise democratic ideals domestically and cause "Ukraine fatigue" internationally, above all in the EU. Their ineptness, fecklessness and suicidal obsession with internecine fighting irritated and alienated even Ukraine's staunchest supporters."

Anonymous said...

"the former president Viktor Yushchenko had neither the will nor the skill to monopolize power in the way that Yanukovych does, nor was he eager to use the security services to persecute his political opponents, "

Thi comment shows a degree of misunder4standing. Yushchenko was the source of the trumped up complaint that resulted in Tmyoshenko bwing imprisioned for seven years.

Yushchenko's greatest mistake was dismissing the previous parliament, his reasons for doing so was to stop the Parliament from adopting a full demcoratic European parliamentary system of government. Yushchen ko was more then incompetent and failed leader. He was destructive. Much of what is unfolding in Ukraine topday is as a result of Yushenkos actions. It was Yushchenko who helped elevate Yanukovych to power.. Why is it that Yushchenko has not been charged and jailed for his misuse and abuse whilst in Office?

Anonymous said...

It is a great article. I don't know the site. Will the article be read by anyone else?

LEvko said...

Mykola Riabchuk occasionally posts on this site:

I originally picked up his article here: