Thursday, November 17, 2011

Was Wroclaw the 'Last Chance' Saloon?

Attempts to change Ukraine's criminal law, and thereby provide a mechanism for release of Yulia Tymoshenko, fell through in the Ukrainian parliament yesterday. The decriminalisation of the 'Tymoshenko article' cannot now be re-examined again in this parliamentary session.

Yanukovych and the heads of state of Poland and Germany would have been well aware of this at their meeting in Wroclaw yesterday.

The are still one or two hurdles for Ukraine before the Ukraine-EU summit scheduled for 19th December when their Association and Free Trade Agreements are, in theory, to be initalled.

The European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs is currently working on proposals for a final resolution on the Association Agreement in readiness for a vote in the EP early December.

A record 164 amendments to recommendations have been proposed by Euro-deputies, indicating huge interest, and concern, over the current situation in Ukraine - not good news. The Committee meets to vote tomorrow on the final draft of their proposals. Tuesday's failure in the VR will surely be affect them.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, the European People's Party congress is to be held between December 6th and 8th. Their members could make a dramatic statement which will prevent initialling of the Association Agreement.

Yesterday in Wroclaw Yanukovych rather defensively told journalists there is still some time before the Ukraine-EU summit...but the chances of a successful outcome must surely be diminishing day by day..

Was Wroclaw the 'Last Chance' saloon?


Anonymous said...

The whole point it seems is to get rejected by the EU. Why? is the ultimate question.

FTA with EU is a joke and tariff/quota rates are so asymmetrical its beyond laughable. They published some of them as a carrot "if Ukraine does the right thing". Problem is oligarchy needs cheaper energy costs AND market access to Russian market AND Eu market access. Something is got to give. My feeling they want to join the Russian customs union but present it in a way as having no choice, the trade barrier rates are inching up towards the end of the year and next year they go into full force so there is one aspect of it at least.

LEvko said...

I agree with your comment, but I am deeply suspicious of Putin and his pals...they turned off the gas to Ukraine's citizens twice in the depths of winter...I cannot imagine anything similar between any two other EU member countries - it would be impossible. Ukraine should very, very careful...Russia will not give you "owt for nowt" as they say in England. And look how new EU member countries like Poland, a country I have visited frequently over the last fourty years, have benefitted..

Anonymous said...

Tymoshenko could be release today and placed on bail pending the outcome of her appeal. The President could also issue a Presidential pardon. Tysmoshenko is on prison because of Yushchenko

Anonymous said...

Right, it had nothing to do with the fact that Ukraine was stealing gas and had not paid their bills. Gas that was destined for Europe had been cut off and syphoned by Ukraine.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the EU not willing to sign the FTA with Ukraine because of Tysmoshenko imprisonment I feel is hypocritical. The UK already tried and convicted MP's for fraudulent dealings over their expenses and were put in prison. So if Tysmoshenko was proved guilty why all the blackmail over signing the agreement with Ukraine and demanding her release.