Monday, November 07, 2011

Millions spent on one person while nation suffers..

In the last two years over $25 million have been spent on upgrading Yanukovych's state dachas in Crimea, according to investigative journalist Tatyana Chornovil.

Two new helipads have been constructed near dacha no 3, and also near dachas no 9 and 10.

In response to journalists' enquiries, the presidential administration claims that these structures are upgrades to the transport and communications infrastructure along to Crimean coast and are intended to help develop international tourism in this region. All complete bullshit, of course - the helipads are deep inside the territory of the inaccessible dachas; they are surrounded by high electrified fences and fierce armed guards.

What is particularly annoying is that just 7 kilometers armoured-Mecedes-drive away lies dacha no 11 - which already equipped with a top-class helipad.

Dacha no 11, the "Gorbachev dacha", is where the former Soviet president was 'holed up' during the failed August 1991 coup. It was upgraded last year at a cost of over $5 million.

More millions of dollars have also been spent recently on new furniture, china, interior fittings, and what my dad used to call 'duperelky', as well as high-end gym equipment and on the infamous solid marble massage table and ancilliary equipment which cost $70,000 alone.

Yanukovych and his family already own major property assets on the peninsula and in Donetsk, as well as dachas around Kyiv and elsewhere.

Dissatisfaction at street level is increasing and Yanukovych's ratings are falling rapidly. The seasoned, well respected politician Oleksandra Kuzel, who was until recently Serhiy Tigipko's no.2, commented on the recent protests in Kyiv recently thus: "Tension is increasing..Lenin, appearing in Germany three days before the October Revolution said: I do not know when the revolution will take place..."

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Anonymous said...

Ukraine needs to undertake a state audit of assets and property held by Yanukovych to ascertain what is State owned and what is privately owned. If the president can not provide documentation and receipts for all assets then they should be independently evaluated and any unaccounted short fall should be taxed or confiscated.

Similar action needs to be undertaken for all members of parliament and senior governmnet administrators.