Friday, November 18, 2011

Livela exposed,,so what?

This from Thursday's 'Kommersant':

Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry Parliament has found guilty parties involved in abuse of the petroleum market.

Supplies of cheap imported fuel adversely affected the Ukrainian petroleum market.

Interim conclusions by the temporary investigative commission of the Verkhovna Rada investigating preferential imports of petroleum products by the "Livela" company have been seen by 'Kommersant'.

The company's activites incurred losses to the state budget of an estimated at 2.9 billion hryven [about $370 million]. The commission came to the conclusion that the losses were the result of the "negligent" attitude of prosecutors, tax and customs, and has demanded criminal proceedings be undertaken against them.

I have posted several times about this gigantic fraudulent scheme linked to highly-placed officials, including, allegedly, deputy PM Andriy Kluyev. The money was most probably used to fund the PoR's 2010 local election campaign.

Don't hold your breath waiting for charges to be brought....Now had it been the opposition...

p.s. More analysis on the EU/Ukr AA & DCFTA here and here

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