Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One law for Kuchma..and one for Tymoshenko

Today a Ukrainian court convicted the former police general Oleksiy Pukach for killing investigative journalist Heorgiy Gongadze over a decade ago. He was sentenced him to life imprisonment.

Pukach's final words to the court were: "I [will] accept [the sentence] when [ex-president] Kuchma, and [ex Verhkhovna Rada speaker] Lutvyn are in this cage with me." I have revealed everything during the investigation and trial, but only Fedur [the victim's lawyer] wanted to know about it."

One comment in response to the article at the link above:

"So much for Donetsk-style justice.

When the killer [Pukach] names the commissioners of the murder, Donetsk jurisprudence covers not only its eyes but its ears. But when not one of the [eight] co-conspirators who murdered [Yevhen] Shcherban [and were sentenced a decade ago] ever even mentioned that Tymoshenko [may have] ordered Shcherban's assassination, Donetsk prosecutors blare this [her guilt] out over the whole world...And these man-hunters are supposed to bring justice?"

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