Thursday, January 17, 2013

Yanukovych Family's boundless grab of assets meeting resistance

Lots of rumours are emerging, e.g. as in this most enlightening TVi television discussion, surrounding the bankruptcy of the major Ukrainian airline company, 'Aerosvit', which is owned by Ihor Kolomoysky,  Ukraine's second [or maybe third] richest man,

Yanukovych's 'Family' bulldozer has apparently been trying to get its grabs into Kolomoysky's businesses - allegedly forcing Kolomoysky to 'self-bankrupt' his own airline. [A procedure that is even considered  by some to be a national tradition - an easy way of clearing your debts.]

Kolomoysky also part-owns Ukraine's largest commercial bank, PrivatBank, but arguably, amongst Ukraine's billionaires, he is the one with the 'least pull' in government circles.

But 'The family' may be in for a fight, as described in this report: 

"A  scandal around the Ukraine airline “AeroSvit'' continues. The company’s  owner oligarch Igor Kolomoisky talks about the deliberate fight against the company and plans to close  offices of  its largest financial institution ''PrivatBank”, which will result in a significant shake in the currency market.

Ukrainian media reports Kolomoisky is getting ready to take  drastic measures to protect  his own business.

PR Conflict Management Agency «PR i Z» CEO  Zakhar Chistiakov states that  Kolomoisky’s this action will depreciate Ukrainian Hryvnia , because it is the largest financial institution in Ukraine and even small changes in its  functioning  will lead to social unrest,'' - Chistiakov says.

Along with offices closure, ATM may be also paralyzed, which would be a real social disaster. Chestiakov notes that  Kolomoisky’s businesses is under a deliberate attack from other oligarchic groups which resulted in serious damage of the oligarch. He is the only billionaire in Ukraine who is not represented in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine."

Bankruptcy procedures have also been launched on behalf of another Kolomoysky airline.

According to the above-mentioned television discussion, other major oligarchs whose businesses are under threat from 'the family's' immeasurable greed may be 'getting their heads together' to ward off the attacks of the 'Semya' .

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